Top four ways to ruin your home spa experience...

And how to avoid these mistakes!

1. A dirty bathroom

Unless you live at an actual spa, it's most likely that your bathroom space lacks a pampering and relaxing atmosphere at a moments notice. Cluttered counters, dirty towels, and a scummy bathtub can prevent you from fully enjoying yourself and escaping from the stresses of the world outside your bathroom. To help you prepare it's best to make sure the spa space that you choose to use has been cleaned, decluttered, and smelling fresh. There's nothing worse than trying to relax in a bath soak next to counters cluttered with makeup, personal products, and scummy sinks.

So before you start your calming zen like spa experience be sure to clean the bathroom, or better yet, recruit someone to clean it for you earlier in the day!


2. Lack of preparation

So you're ready for your spa day with a perfectly cleaned bathroom and everything seems in order. Suddenly you realize that the candles that you purchased require batteries, and of course they require AAA batteries and after rummaging through the junk drawer you discover you only have AAs. Since you are concerned about fire safety you only have flameless candles which means that there will be no soft candle glow as you soak away. Then when you want to use your phone to play your favorite spa music, you tragically discover that your battery is completely drained. The distant outlet on the sink counter will prevent you from changing the song in case you choose to listen to something else and of course you don't want to risk electrocution if there's an outlet closer to the bathtub (this would be the ultimate terrible spa night!).

The best way to prepare is to check what items you'll need to create a relaxing atmosphere. Create a calming playlist of your favorite Josh Groban and classical music so that you won't have to stop to change it when a heavy metal song comes screaming on full blast! Make sure your waterproof Kindle is charged and any other device that you may need. Place fluffy mats on the floor and have all luxurious robes, slippers, and bath products within arms' reach to avoid the risk of slipping when you decide you have relaxed sufficiently.


3. Poor quality products

Spa products that are poor quality can effectively ruin your decompressing session. There are bath bombs that don't fizzle or have a scent despite having fantastic labeling and wonderful product claims. In a rare instance you could potentially have a reaction to the bubble bath soap or salts ending up with red rashes and burning skin instead of baby soft glowing skin.

Always check labels for the ingredients prior to using to avoid any risk of allergic reactions. Use products that are free from chemicals and preservatives. It's also a good idea to look at reviews especially when it comes to the effectiveness of the bath bombs you choose. In fact my online store has bath and body products that have natural ingredients that will calm and restore your skin!


4. Distractions

Distractions are the main way your at home spa experience can be derailed. Even though you love your children and spouse, the last thing you want is someone knocking on the door (or barging in) asking what you're doing, needing to use the potty (even though there's another bathroom), helping navigate temper tantrums, and then of course the dog starts barking. Now instead of feeling rejuvenated you're even more upset because everything is ruined despite following all the previous advice in this post perfectly.

If possible silence notifications on your devices. Dings and pings won't interrupt the songs and you won't be tempted to check messages or emails. Ask your spouse to take charge of the kids and pets and if that's not possible, wait until everyone is sound asleep. If you can't afford to risk any distraction, send the kids to a grandparents' house for a fun sleepover for them and you definitely won't have to worry about little fingers and eyes appearing under the bathroom door.

By following this advice you will be able to have the best at home spa experience. You can even go to the recipes section of the blog and create your own products that you can use... DIY Recipes


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