The Best Ways to Overcome the February Funk

The month of February can be tough for many people. The excitement and newness from the holidays and New Year has worn off and in many parts of the world it's the coldest darkest month of the year. All of these factors can lead to the dreaded February Funk. If this is something you struggle with during this time keep reading for some great ways to combat this yearly mood.

Treat yo-self!

During the month of February take time to do things that you enjoy and make you feel pampered. This can be as simple as a calming at home spa night with some lovely calming lavender items or as drastic as a brand new hairstyle!

I especially enjoy doing my own gel manicures at night after the girls are in bed. It's fun to sit at the table, stream a show, and come up with some fun designs. It also helps me feel more put together even if I'm not dressed up throughout the day.

Head Outside!

One of the best things to do to beat the February Funk is to get outside. This can be tough if you live in a colder climate, but I've found that the cold air really helps rejuvenate me. Going outside everyday is a priority for our family and as long as we're all bundled up we find so many fun things to do and explore. It's especially important more now than ever to get vitamin D and one of the best ways is by spending time in the great outdoors. If you need some ideas for outside activities, stay tuned for an upcoming post with a list of fun things to do in the winter months.


I've recently fallen in love with the free exercise app FitOn and one of the reasons is because they film in California and if I can't be at the beach, well at least I can do a great workout while watching the instructor exercise next to the ocean. Staying active in the cold winter months is so important for mental and physical health. My suggestion would be to find a workout that you enjoy and try something new.

Experiment in the kitchen

Spending more time in the house means more opportunities to cook delicious food! One way to break out of the February blues is to take time to try new recipes and maybe step out of your comfort zone. One of my favorite recipes that we tried this month was from my America's Test Kitchen book. I normally don't like chicken piccata, but wow this was fantastic and so easy! Just search their recipes from their website.

Snowy cold weather is perfect for warming up the house with baked goods and delicious soups. Caldo Verde is a hearty Portuguese soup that hits the spot on bone chilling days.

Overall, take time this month to enjoy the last few weeks of winter and prepare for a glorious burst of springtime next month! Experiment with fun recipes, try out some self care activities, and maybe go on an outdoor adventure!

Before you know it, your February Funk will be replaced with Spring Fever!

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