Ten Fun Facts About Me!

1. I play three instruments

I play the piano, flute, and piccolo. I also played the French horn at one point and have dabbled with bass guitar.

2. I am bilingual in English and Spanish

I speak both fluently and I can comprehend and read some Portuguese. My goal is to eventually begin working on Portuguese and learn it well. I also speak to our daughters in Spanish.

3. I wanted to be an interior designer

When I was in high school I wanted to be an interior designer. I enjoyed decorating and making floor plans. However my guidance counselor told me I wouldn't make any money, so now I'm a stay at home mom with a crazy amount of Pinterest boards on how to decorate our house. Unfortunately I suffer from paralysis analysis and I've been debating how to decorate certain walls of our home for almost three years now.

4. I am a neat freak

I like everything in its place and I absolutely hate clutter! If you see a cluttered space that I haven't worked on or organized, I can assure you it is internally driving me crazy.

5. I like to cook but I don't like to bake

Again referencing the neat freak fact, I can't stand flour explosions, I hate crumbs anywhere, and no matter how particular I am, the decorations never turn out as good as I imagined in my head. I also always clean as I cook and mise en place is a lifesaver.

6. Early bird catches the worm!

Waking up past 8 am is just too late for me! Now sometimes sleeping in is a necessity if a kiddo has a bad night or if I stay up way too late. I do my best work in the mornings as I'm just too drained by the evening to be productive. It's also the only time that I have to myself and I really enjoy those moments of a quiet house before the storm.

7. I love exercising

I make it a point to exercise at least 5 days a week. I do everything from strength training, running, HIIT, walking, and toddler wrestling. It's a struggle to sneak them in during busy days but early mornings and nap times are perfect to get in a good half hour workout.

8. I enjoy attending Spanish bullfights

This is the more controversial fact but it's something that I thoroughly enjoy. I've even met a matador! I lived in Spain and learned all of the nuances and important parts of las corridas. Many don't know that there are three different types of bullfighting. My favorite style is called rejones which is done on horseback with specially trained horses. It's like a theatrical dance performed between the horse and bull. I will say it's certainly not for everyone.

9. I suffer from acrophobia

Yep, fear of heights... If I'm in an inclosed space I'm okay but balconies or anything that I feel I could fall off of are a no-go!

10. Got lost in the Spanish countryside

While hiking with a couple Spanish friends we took a wrong turn while trying to find an ancient Roman castle and got lost for over 6 hours. We ran into a group of Spanish professors who had also gotten lost and after tiptoeing past bullfighting bulls, crawling under barbed wire fences. scrambling up hills, and contemplating calling the national guard we finally found the castle, only to discover it had already closed to the public. However, the professors we were lost with invited us to a party with other academics from all over to celebrate the discovery of the castle. It was quite the adventure!!

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