Saturday Small Business Shoutout: West Oaks Farm Market

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Today's shoutout highlights the local West Oaks Farm Market. We didn't begin frequenting the market often until everything was shut down last year due to the Wuhan virus. I was desperate to get out and take our rambunctious toddler to a place where she could run around and explore (and maybe find some toilet paper). I saw a social media post saying they had some walking areas, a playground, lunches, and they were just getting their flowers in for the spring. We headed out one warmer day and had a blast exploring the beautiful pink blossoms on the just bloomed cherry trees. After that the rest is history!

We now go there often for concerts, lunch, breakfast, and we had so much fun participating in the pick your own events throughout the summer and fall. Some of my products are even for sale there too!

Everyone is so friendly and it's such a family centered environment. We know practically everyone there and it's like hanging out with friends every time we go. One of my former students works there too and does awesome photography for them and you can see some of the photos displayed throughout the market.

The next time you're looking for a new adventure in music, food, or playground fun go check them out!

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