Saturday Small Business Shoutout! Groomingtails Salon

Wow! Let me tell you the groomers at Groomingtails are miracle workers! As Carly has gotten older she has become so stinky, and as any lab owner, knows the shedding is absolutely out of control. It took about 10 years before I thought to bring her to a groomers. After all, I assumed grooming was for fancy poodles and way too expensive.

I was so wrong!

Groomingtails doesn't cage the dogs which is awesome and they do the grooming at the actual appointment time. They are perfectly priced and have even helped me pick Carly up to put her in the car now that she can't jump quite as easily. They are such a wonderful small business and so knowledgeable about skincare and techniques to provide excellent cuts for your lovable pooch.

Check them out!

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