Rose Body Butter


  • 15 oz Refined Shea Butter

  • 2 oz Refined Coconut Oil

  • 3 oz Rose Hip Oil

  • 0.4 oz Rose Essential Oil

  • 5 tsp Tapioca Starch

  • 1.5 oz Vitamin E Oil

  • Dried Rose Petals


  • Measure out the solid ingredients and place in a double boiler.* Over gentle heat without boiling melt the shea butter and coconut oil and mix to combine the oils.

  • Once the solid butters have melted allow them to cool until they begin to solidify again.

  • Add the rose hip oil, essential oil, vitamin E oil to the cooled mixture.

  • Using a hand mixer whip them until the body butter becomes a lighter color and fluffy.

  • Add the tapioca starch to help reduce greasiness and continue whipping.

  • Either spoon or pipe the body butter into desired container and garnish with dried rose petals.

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