My Bath and Body Business Success Story in the Time of Pandemania!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

How I took a leap of faith starting a handmade business during the pandemic after having a stable career teaching in public schools and online for 7 years.

I have pretty terrible timing to say the least... as most businesses were closing their doors and bracing for potentially months of shut down, I was frantically trying to secure an LLC, tax documents, and rushing down to the county office to find out information about business licensing before everything began crashing down around us. These have been tough months but to my complete shock I've actually been able to have some small successes and I know that if my little handmade business can survive this economic downturn, I have a great future!

My knowledge of business ownership is fairly limited as my background is in Spanish teaching, although I do have a minor in Business Administration. After teaching Spanish at the high school level I left to start teaching ESL online from home while continuing Spanish private tutoring so I could take care of our baby girl.

I know that if my little handmade business can survive this economic downturn, I have a great future!

After two years of teaching the same lessons over and over online I found myself completely unmotivated and bored. As March rolled around I realized that it was time to make a change, especially since I knew it would be difficult to teach with a toddler and newborn towards the end of summer.

I have always been someone who enjoys cooking, landscaping, interior decorating (well more like imagining), and general old fashioned homemaking with a modern twist. So when I was notified that my online teaching contract was going to expire the beginning of April I decided to make my move and begin a new adventure making lovely chic handmade gifts.

The whole process has been a huge learning experience from cost analysis to product research to trying to find customers in such a difficult time. I have dealt with surprise bulk orders that left me scrambling to find materials at the height of the supply chain and shipping breakdown, slow weeks that felt like years, frustration with the social media algorithm gods, roasting at a farmer's market because I didn't bring a tent, but most importantly I have loved every minute of knowing I've helped someone have a personalized purchasing experience and have given them the ability to pamper themselves or another loved one in their life.

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