My 2021 word of the year: Thrive

I rarely come up with a word of the year or New Year's resolution but as I'm beginning a new year and a new decade it's good to refocus.

I chose the word Thrive because it seems to embody many different goals for 2021 and my third decade. I love learning new things and I also try to do my best to step out of my comfort zone and explore (provided it doesn't involve heights or eating insects) the world. I've decided to put together how this word will impact different areas of my life for the future.

Thrive: Business

As I come close to finishing my first year with my little handmade business, I'm hoping to grow and continue my successes. It has been so fun (and stressful) to strive to fulfill the American Dream. It truly amazes me that we can take an idea, run with it, and turn it into something that can give us and others purpose.

Thrive: Education

Learning new things is so much fun for me. This year/decade I hope to thrive in learning new skills to enrich my life. A year ago I started learning Portuguese and unfortunately stopped due to first trimester pregnancy insomnia and forgetfulness. I hope to pick it back up as well as get back into improving my Spanish fluency since I have slacked greatly in this area. I'm also learning some photography skills and I love beautiful photography. At some point I plan to take free courses through Hillsdale College to improve my knowledge of our great nation's history and literature.

Thrive: Family

Thriving as a family is so important to me. This year my goal is to spend as much time as possible outside exploring with Liliana and Bridget. I want them to know the joys of a simple childhood where the smallest things can be so incredible. I love watching Liliana stop to brush moss up against her cheek or gather up leaves, rocks, and sticks into her tricycle basket. Freedom with playing, learning, and exploring helps families thrive in ways unimaginable.

Thrive: Faith

After not being able to worship in person for many months in 2020, it really opened my eyes as to how much I took my faith for granted. Now when I attend Mass every weekend I am so much more appreciative of my faith. It's helped me realize that I need to spend more time in prayer and study to find strength to thrive in the other areas of my life.

So now it's your turn! It's never too late to come up with a resolution or word for your 2021. In the comments below tell me what you want for this year.

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