How I do Self-Care Sunday

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The idea of Self-Care Sunday sounds very hipster, New Age, Millennial/Gen Z. However, it's a tradition that goes back to the beginning of time. Everyone needs one day a week to step back from work and reset themselves for the week ahead. In fact it wasn't an influencer Gen Z or Millennial on Instagram who first came up with this idea; it was God. If you think you've had a tough week with school work, jobs, wrangling kids, housework, etc. imagine how tired you'd be after working nonstop creating the entire universe! If you are a workaholic, this post is for you, and my hope is that you will find inspiration in how I rest and reset on Sundays.

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Sunday mornings are anything but restful! There is nothing relaxing about the fact that no matter how early we wake up we are still rushing out the door to head to Mass. Our 2 year old spends the morning throwing tantrums about what church dress she would like to wear and then it turns into a wrestling match to put up her hair and then a scavenger hunt to track down where she stashed her dress shoes. All of this happens while I try to feed our two month old, inhale some breakfast, and make sure I have matching shoes on and the diaper bag. My husband gets some breakfast going and then rushes our toddler out to the car while I lock up the house and try to get the baby in the car seat.

Going to church is the most important part for us because it helps reset and it really gives a great start to a new week. We enjoy seeing people that we only get to visit with after church and if there is a donut or pancake breakfast we love heading downstairs to congregate and enjoy a nice brunch. With the pandemic complications there's no more breakfast or coffee so instead we head to the church playground to hang out with other parents and let the kids burn off energy and play.


The afternoons are full of possibilities and sometimes it's hard to choose what to do, so here are some of my favorite Self-Care Sunday activities:

  1. Going for a walk

  2. Reading outside on my Kindle

  3. Gardening

  4. Watching an old movie

  5. Playing the piano

  6. Visiting with family

  7. Playing outside with kids

  8. Playing inside with kids

  9. Watching sports

  10. Crafting

  11. Cooking a nice meal


In the evenings we're getting bath/bed routines going which can be a bit hectic. Once everyone is settled in I sit down and get ready for the week ahead by meal planning. I sit down and plan all the dinners for the week and make up the grocery list. Once this is done I feel prepared for Monday and the chaos that is grocery day!

An evening activity I love is enjoying some tea and a goofy sitcom. I'm not a huge tea drinker but I fell head over heels for Twinnings Camomile Honey and Vanilla tea. The scent is so relaxing and it's perfect to drink while curled up on the sofa after a relaxing Sunday.

I've always found that when I've spent my Sunday doing some unnecessary task instead of feeling ready for the week, I'm almost more stressed out. So I hope you find time to make your Sundays the relaxing Self-Care Sunday that you will love!

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